How Do We Get There?

To achieve our aims, we will need:

  1. Advocacy – we need your voice
  2. Fundraising – we need your support
  3. Grant making – your involvement makes a difference


Between 2014-2017 the Integrated Education Fund will build on the momentum for moving our education system away from separation, towards greater integration.

Transformation Pic 02Advocacy – we need your voice

The IEF Advocacy Strategy will focus on gaining increased civic support to bring about policy and structural change in education. Our challenge is to motivate a large enough coalition of people who are organised, mobilised and willing, to put pressure on our elected representatives in order to make change happen.

The strategy will engage key opinion formers and influencers in political, media and civic spheres, working in partnership with a range of other organisations and groups.

Between 2014 and 2017 there have been two major elections in Northern Ireland, to Westminster in 2015 and to the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2016. We have used these as a window of opportunity to advance:

• Public support – community surveying and auditing, young people and community engagement
• Coalition support – business, arts, unions, NGOs
• cross party political support
• International/national support – Dublin, Westminster, Brussels and Washington.

Fundraising – we need your support

The IEF is an independent charitable trust that is entirely dependent on raising its own funds. It does not receive any core funding from the government.

To achieve all the aims we have set out in this three-year plan will depend upon raising at least £5.355 million. The fundraising campaign will be led by the Board of Directors, supported by a Campaign Council representing key donors and supporters.

We will continue to work with individuals, organisations and businesses as well as other trusts and foundations to achieve our objectives and secure the funds needed. Money will be raised as efficiently as possible while keeping costs to a minimum.

Transformation Pic 01Grant making – your involvement makes a difference

In order to support the growth in integrated school places to an initial 10% we will promote and manage grant programmes for:

Existing integrated schools – we will provide capital enhancements to: aid growth, double enrolments and sixth form provision; create and support new pre-schools; and raise awareness.

Schools considering transforming – IEF will financially assist schools that would like to, for example, implement an awareness campaign, using community audits to outline current local education provision and the potential for transformation to integrated status.

Funding for transformation -related training for school staff, school governors, and parents will also be available.

Transformed integrated schools – funding will be available to encourage and support the development of transformed integrated schools through grants for recurrent and capital costs which are not being met by the Department of Education.

Parent groups seeking integrated education provision – funding will be provided to the groups to help with research, delivering information sessions and growing understanding of, and confidence in integrated education in their area.

Meaningful shared education led by integrated schools – we will support integrated schools working and partnering with non-integrated schools to create deep and sustained contact aimed at developing mutual respect and understanding.






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