Integrated AlumNI

The Integrated AlumNI is a voluntary network of past pupils of integrated schools who want to support the growth of integrated education in Northern Ireland.

Integrated AlumNIFirst established in London in 2013, the Association now also has active groups in Northern Ireland and Liverpool, with plans for further development in other cities in the time ahead. The Association is especially keen to engage with students from Northern Ireland who are currently or will shortly begin studying away from home. In addition to helping promote a crucial cause, the Association also offers local young people an excellent opportunity for meeting new people from similar backgrounds. As well as giving valuable support to the Integrated Education Fund, the Association has a strong campaigning ethic of its own and is working hard to promote integration as the most constructive step towards the truly shared Northern Ireland we all believe in. It’s also a lot of fun!

Any past pupil – or indeed anyone at all who is passionate about integrated education – is welcome to join the Association. Anyone interested in finding out more about the group’s work can contact them on or find out more on the website at

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