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The IEF is delighted to launch of a new support grant programmeSupport Grants for Transformed Schools

The Integrated Education Fund is delighted to announce the launch of a new grant programme for schools who have achieved integrated status through the transformation process.

The over-arching aim of the new programme is to encourage and support the positive development of transformed integrated schools and, ultimately, to increase the number of integrated school places in Northern Ireland.

The programme is open on a rolling basis. Transformed integrated schools can apply for a small grant of up to £15,000 or a large grant of up to £75,000.

Funding for small grants could be used for marketing projects, projects to address religious imbalance, bespoke training for staff or salaries to help with growth within the school. Application forms must provide evidence of the identified need.

A limited number of large grants will be available for school development, for example to help with the initial start up costs of a pre-school, addressing accommodation needs or to facilitate increased enrolment. Application forms must provide evidence of an identified need and projects must demonstrate how they will impact significantly on increasing pupil enrolment numbers.

Priority will be given to applications (small or large) that can demonstrate value for money and it is important to remember that the IEF does not provide substitute government funding.

For additional information or to discuss your project or application in more detail please do not hesitate to contact the IEF at (028) 9069 4099 or Email:





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