Grants for schools exploring transformation
These IEF grants can provide funding if you would like to, for example, hold information events to help raise awareness about exploring change. These events can help everyone to feel connected and fully informed about what is involved.

Grants for schools transforming
Once your school has applied to the Department of Education and received approval to transform, IEF grants are available to support your school during the initial stages of the transformation journey. The journey involves a series of gradual and definite changes, undertaken with the support of the whole school community.

Primary Schools/Colleges
A maximum of £15,000 offered to primary schools or colleges.

Phase 1 – Exploration Grant
Primary schools and colleges can apply for an exploration grant of up to £2,500
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Phase 2 – Pre Parental Ballot
“Building the Case for Transformation”. A further £5,000 offered before the parental ballot has taken place.
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Phase 3 – Post Parental Ballot (optional)
An optional grant of £2,500 that schools can request after the parental ballot. This would be offered to schools to avail of before submission of a Development Proposal (DP).

Final Phase – Post DP approval
The amount offered at this phase will be dependent on whether or not a school had been awarded funding in phase 3. £7,500 can be offered if the school did not avail of the grant in phase 3 but reduced to £5,000 if the school took up the optional grant in phase 3.

Nursery Schools
Nursery schools can apply for grant support up to a maximum of £7,500

Phase 1 – Exploration Grant
An exploration grant of £2,500
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Phase 2 – Post Parental Ballot
A further £5,000 offered once the parental ballot has taken place. There is flexibility with this grant as it could be used pre or post DP submission to aid the nursery in ensuring sustainability.

For more information on Transformation grants please contact the IEF at 028 9069 4099 or Email: or visit the Transformation section of the website.