Ballycastle Integrated Primary School Transformation Video

Almost any school can become integrated through a process called Transformation. Transformation is the term used to describe the process of changing an existing school’s status to integrated status. It occurs as a result of a parental wish to see their child’s school become integrated. Ballycastle Integrated Primary School decided to go on this journey in 2007 and as an integrated school, their pupil intake and staff composition now reflects the religious makeup of the local community. Their current enrolment is 42% Catholic, 43% Protestant and 15% other or no religion. The Board of Governors consists of 14 members and reflects the religious balance within the school.

Ballycastle Integrated Primary School Transformation VideoStaff and principals who have gone through the transformation process report many positive benefits such as giving pupils opportunities to broaden their perspectives and to prepare for a more culturally diverse world. Integrated education helps break down barriers, develop more positive social attitudes among young people, as well as nurture and improve community relations. It also has intellectual benefits provided by learning environments where assumptions are challenged, problems without obvious solutions are tackled and opposing viewpoints and interpretations of events are considered.

If you would like to find out more about the Transformation process or register your child’s school to become an integrated school then visit If you have any further questions or would like to speak to someone about the process, then contact Jill Caskey at the IEF by phone on 028 9069 4099 or by email at