What is Transformation?

Transformation is the name given to the process when a school changes to become an integrated school.

What is Transformation?Any school is able to transform to become an integrated school, with the exception of special schools and schools established in hospitals. These schools are an exception due to current legislation.

Schools that can transform include:
• Nursery Schools
• Primary Schools of all management types
• Post Primary Schools of all management types


How does the process start?

Transformation can be started in one of two ways;
• A school’s Board of Governors can decide it would like to consider transformation and consults with parents, or

• A request to change to an integrated school is submitted to a school’s Board of Governors by at least 20% of the school’s parents

What is Transformation?Parents can register this request online at www.integratemyschool.com. Registering your child’s school is very simple; it involves a three step process which takes less than a minute. You provide your details, and then will be sent a follow up email to verify your registration. Without verifying your registration won’t be counted.

If you are a school considering Transformation, you may find it useful to talk to other Principals who have already explored and chosen transformation because it was a natural path for them. If so, we can help to connect you to those who have so much experience to share.

The Integrated Education Fund (IEF) can offer help, advice and financial support on how your school can explore change through transformation; you can find more information on this website. Sometimes, however, a chat may be just what you need. If it is, then why not get in touch? You can do this by contacting Jill Caskey on: 028 9069 4099 or email: Jill@ief.org.uk


What happens next?
Once either of these takes place, a parental ballot will be held. The parental ballot is the opportunity for parents to vote on whether they want the school to transform to an integrated school. The ballot is a postal ballot, organised by an independent organisation known as the Electoral Reform Service (ERS), and all responses will remain confidential. Every adult registered as a parent of a child at the school will get a vote.

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